Client Demonstration (Images)
Demonstration on how works
To see how GralicWrap Client works, the following image-by-image demonstration has been put together for you.
Step 1:
When you visit valid and legitimate websites (eg.,, the GralicWrap client just sits there on your computer (or on your system tray if you choose to minimize it) and will never interrupt with your normal internet browsing activities.
Step 2:
Now suppose you have just received an email message from someone who pretends to be a staff at, that urges you to, for example, click on a link in order to prevent your Paypal account from being shut down.
Step 3:
The content and the link contained within the email message appear to be valid and legitimate. You may feel that it is to the best of your interest to click on the link and enter your username and password in order to prevent your Paypal account from being shut down. (Of course, the website is fraudulent, and once you have entered your username and password to the seemingly-valid, but fraudulent website, the hacker will gain full access to your Paypal account, which includes activities such as the transfer of funds and the purchase of items using money from your Paypal account).
Step 4:
The Client constantly monitors the real Web Location URL of the website you are visiting/about to visit, and compares it against records in the fraudulent database. If the website is found to be fraudulent, will immediately crease loading of the webpage to protect you, as well as to display an informational page with description on the fraudulent website you were attempting to visit. (A window will also popup at the lower right corner of your computer screen to notify you of the fraudulent website).
Step 5:
You are now safe from any fraudulent website, with a fraudulent database that is constantly updated by Internet users all around the world; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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