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Phishing has been the biggest threat in the cyberspace for the past few years. The Phishing scammers usually resort to sending emails supposedly on behalf of established sites like and asking the user for sensitive and confidential information. These mails usually link to so-called genuine websites (which are usually created by the scammer), where the receiver is asked for sensitive information like User Id, Password, Credit Card information, etc. This vital information is used by the fraudster for dishonest purposes. To fight against the scammers and fraudsters, has come out with unique Anti Phishing software – GralicWrap Client v1.06.

Prevent your data theft through our Anti Phishing software

Anti Phishing software consists of programs that identify phishing content in websites and emails. This software is usually integrated with the web browser as a toolbar that displays the real web URL of the homepage the user is loading through the web browser’s internal layer, thus being able to detect fraudulent website accurately even if the address bar is masked, hidden or modified by the fraudulent website.

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GralicWrap Client v1.06 heuristically analyzes the emails and web pages and compares the Web URL the user is visiting with the constantly-updating fraudulent websites database at If the website is found to be fraudulent and identified as a Phishing scam, GralicWrap will immediately stop loading the page to prevent data theft and will direct the user to the GralicWrap fraudulent database with information on the fraud. The database is constantly updated 24 hours of the day, 365 days a year by millions of internet users worldwide.


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