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“Phishing” is a form of Internet fraud that aims to steal valuable information such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, user IDs and passwords. A fake website is created that is similar to that of a legitimate organization, typically a financial institution such as a bank or insurance company. An email is sent requesting that the recipient to access the fake website (which will usually be a replica of a trusted site) and enter their personal details, including security access codes. The page looks genuine, because it is easy to fake a valid web site. Any HTML page on the web can be modified to suit a phishing scheme.

Stop Phishing – Use GralicWrap Anti Phishing tool while you surf

With the growth of the Internet, Phishing has become a worldwide phenomenon. The hackers use technologies which are highly sophisticated, so an anti phishing tool also has to be highly developed to quash the damage caused by them. Moreover, the hackers constantly redevelop their strategies and try to cause serious damage to the average internet user.

Best Anti Phishing Tool on the web for free!

The new anti phishing tool from can detect scripts and links which are then referred to the database of known phishing sites to determine scams and fraudulent links. The database at is constantly updated with new sites and links by millions of internet users worldwide. The Anti Phishing tool connects to the database through the internet and so is in constant touch and will automatically verify with all the new links and sites listed in there. The Gralicwrap Anti Phishing tool is fully free for download and uses only a small space.


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