Internet Email Fraud

Fraud has existed perhaps as long as or longer than money. The term Internet fraud refers to any type of fraud scheme that uses email, web sites, chat rooms or message boards to defraud people. As soon as email became widely used, it began to be used to defraud people via Email fraud. Most Internet frauds are done through the use of stolen credit card information which is obtained in many ways, the simplest being to solicit information from the customers of banking sites or online stores by posing as a staff member of the company. All these types of internet and email frauds where there is impersonation by the fraudster are referred to as “Phishing”

Guard yourself from Internet and Email frauds

With a rapid increase in the number of attempts to defraud customers by creating Web sites that mimic those of legitimate organizations in an attempt to obtain information about credit cards, online banking details, etc., has developed an anti phishing tool – Gralicwrap Client v1.06 that integrates with all the internet browsers to block potentially fraudulent sites. The tool will help the internet surfers stay clear from the ever increasing internet and Email frauds.

Safe surfing only through Gralicwrap client

Real time analysis of the website and its links allows the Gralicwrap Client to block hazardous fraudulent sites in a very short span of time. Dynamic updating ensures that as soon as a new site is added in our huge database the user is protected from the internet and email frauds.


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